Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whiskers on Wednesdays

This is my baby, Onyx (of course all of my pets are my babies) however she is somewhat special. She has a great attitude; she loves White cheddar crackers and chicken noodle soup and has been known to eat salad. She rules the roost until she sees Di (the Dalmatian), and then she is the mad dasher. Onyx likes to play stealth kitty, hiding under goose down comforters, sheets or under the skirts on the sofa.

My daughter told me she wanted another cat and I told her no, we had enough animals and the vet bills are enormous when everyone needs shots and Di has to see the cardiologist. Well, when the kitty was 6 weeks old she walked in the door with her and it was love at first sight (she knows I cannot resist a baby or an animal when they need love). Poor Onyx was crying and fussing, I picked her up and started cuddling her and she went to sleep in my arms, and that was all she wrote :-)

She is very mischievous, but when she wants cuddles, watch out. Onyx will cry as if the world is ending until I sit down and cuddle her. She has been known to wake me up in the night if she wants attention or food. Moreover, once she gets what she wants she cuddles up and goes to sleep. She has stayed all black (when we originally got her I thought she would develop white patches) and she is amazing to watch.

When she was smaller, she would sit on my shoulder while I would knit, if she decided I had knit long enough, she would start playing catch with the needles until I stopped. This was a great reason to buy a set of Options from Knitpicks, no ends for her to catch:-)

As you can tell my Onyx is my kitty, but I think I love all my pets and only wish I could rescue some kitties here in Colorado.


Anita said...

She is beautiful! And very sweet on top of that! :)

Renna said...

She is gorgeous, and sounds like a delightful member of your family.

I think if I ever inherited a billion dollars, I'd go around collecting every orphaned animal I found, plus the abused ones as well. It breaks my heart to see an animal neglected or abused.

smariek said...

Onyx is a gorgeous cat. Too funny with the knitting needles.

Jane said...

Thanks for entering my contest. I was hoping to see a photo of you with the flour bag over your head on your blog LOL. Good luck with your new hours and your flower garden.

KSee said...

What a pretty girl. Thank you for stoping by. I saw your comment last week about how I get my 4 kitties to eat out of their own bowl. Here is a video that shows how I feed them.