Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another Contest, 1000 Posts, and . . .

Monica is having a contest because she just posted her 1000 post. Can you imagine? She is giving away quite a few prizes and there are many ways to win. Go to http://www.monniblog.com/2008/07/05/post-1000-contest and tell her I sent you please.

I have had to change a couple of my settings; I got my first spam on the blog. How weird is that? Now people who leave a comment have to complete the word verification thingy majig. Why would people waste their time setting up spam for blogs, all it is just irritating and I doubt they get any business this way. Thanks to Marie who explained how to fix it. I truly appreciate it!

We did not end up buying the house with the pool, we had an inspector go through the house and he found several safety issues that the owners were not willing to correct (even though we were willing to meet them halfway). Oh well, I wasn't sure I wanted to take care of a pool anyway. Nevertheless, we are now house hunting again. It seems as though people put their house on the market just to see what they can get, not because they are seriously trying to sell their homes. I spent the entire holiday weekend negotiating on another house and you would not believe what people want (or don’t want) when they sell their homes. Oh well, as my mom used to tell me, the world would get pretty boring if we all thought alike.


monnibo said...

Thanks for the shout out.

Good luck with House Hunting!

Toni said...

Wow, I would have thought people would be jumping at the chance to sell a house right now with the housing market slump.

Good luck finding a much better house!!!

smariek said...

So sorry to hear you're back to house hunting again. It took me a long time before I realized that I shouldn't NOT consider a house because it appeared to have a laundry list of fixes, but to look at them and figure out which are truly minor and which are critical or major expenses. Lots of things show up on the property report if it is an older property because building codes have changed over the decades, so things don't meet the current codes. Many are just minor fixes. Once I thought about it in this way, it really made the process easier for me.

Good luck with the house hunting.

Renna said...

I got my first spam a couple of weeks ago. I decided to hold off requiring the verification thingy to see if it happens again. Such a bother.

I'm sorry the house didn't work out, but I'm sure the perfect house for your family is just waiting for you to find it. :-)

Warrior Knitter said...

Hi! You posted a question in my comments about the pattern for the Blue Baby Blanket I'd just blocked. I couldn't locate an e-mail addy for you so I'm posting here.

Thanks for the compliment. The pattern is from Barbara Walker's "Treasury of Knitting Patterns" (the first one). It is the Vine Lace ZigZag. It was an easy one to follow and memorize. Once I did the first pattern repeat I was pretty much set for the row. And the WS is purl so it was easy to fix.

Good luck on your house hunt.

Firefly Nights said...

Oh, gee. You didn't get the house. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you but the right one will come along eventually.