Monday, July 14, 2008


We have been doing some sight seeing on the weekends now that we have decided on our house and the escrow process is moving, sloooowly. The woman whose townhouse we are buying (move in ready, wahoooo!) has not found a house yet so we agreed to an extended escrow.

Everything is so different here than where we lived in Georgia, we are in the foothills, so it just takes minutes to get to the mountains to see such wonderful sights. The deer below still had the velvet on his antlers and he was so calm, he is way too used to people, but I guess that is a fact of life as people spread out farther into the country.

I like the weather here, much better than Atlanta, it has been hot, but I don’t feel as though a wet blanket has been wrapped around me the minute I step outside. In fact, that is another improvement, I can go outside :-) I don’t appear to have any allergies and neither does my family. We all enjoy taking the dogs for their walks in the evening because it cools off so nicely.

Here are some more pictures of our recent tours around the area-

And here is the front door of my new home, I cannot wait to move. I know it sounds great to let someone else do the cleaning, but this is a very small two-bedroom suite, with 3 large people and 5 animals so. . . Now, I must go knit before I forget how. This move has done horrible things to my knitting, every time I sit down to knit, something or someone decides I need to do something else (another drawback to a hotel, no privacy)But at least I can run the A/C full blast and not have to worry about the bill :-)


Aunt Kathy said...

What a beautiful house and scenery too.

And NO Allergies, WOW, that's a miracle

Toni said...


And what great pictures!

smariek said...

Beautiful photos! What a nice change it must be to be able to take a shower and not feel like you need to take another 10 minutes later.

Firefly Nights said...

Trading the Southern humidity for your new area sounds wonderful.