Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dogs on Thrusday (and a Couple of Contests)

Since this is Dogs on Thursday, I have to share the good news, my Di visited a new vet a couple of weeks ago and she is doing much better. It seems that though it is normal for her to slow down at her great age, the arthritis in her knees was making her hurt more than the hips or heart issues that she has. The vet has given her a new pill that takes the constant ache away and she now wants to play and walk; in fact she doesn’t whine any more when I make her get off the bed to go outside, she jumps. This is great, she plays with Lola more, she walks farther (even though the altitude is bugging her) and she even chased a bunny rabbit the other night (the good thing is she is still not fast enough to catch them). Yeah Di!

I found a few contests that I want to share with you-
100 Posts
Aunt Kathys Place
400 post
Interim House

They are all interesting and fun, please check them out, and as always please let them know I sent you :-)


dogquilter said...

I'm so glad your new vet has given her something to feel better! Di sure is a pretty pup and I know you feel better knowing that she's feeling better too!!

Firefly Nights said...

Hurray for Di. Glad she's feeling better.