Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dogs (and Cats) on Thursday

Well, I took all of the animals to get their identification chip implant on Saturday, and it was great fun (not!) It was sponsored by the local Animal Shelter and there were many animals there, and not just the four-legged kind. We got there early, since we did not know if they were limited to the number of id’s they would do that day, and the shelter had not yet opened. Fortunately, we were the first ones there, because the line when we came out was long, hot, and noisy. One man was practically in tears when his bulldog received his, he said it did not bother him when his kids got shots, but he felt sorry for Roscoe (the dog).

We took the three cats and the dogs and they never flinched when they had the giant needle put into their skin. We then took the cats home and took the dogs to Petsmart to buy new collars for everyone. Poor Lola was terrified as a pit bull looked at her and started drooling. Di was so busy smelling all the new smells she didn’t even look at him. Why do people get such mean looking dogs and then not control them when they take them out in public? Then we took them to the ice cream shop that gives doggy size portions with a dog bone for a treat, the dogs get so excited when they see this place, that it is fun to take them there.

Aren’t pets great?


smariek said...

I bet one of them knew and told the others, "Mom will take us to the ice cream shot if we're brave. Don't flinch or cry when that big guy does his thing..."

Kristen said...

Way to go on getting the ID chips! I know I'd be absolutely heartbroken if my dog was lost and had no way of getting back to me so I got her chipped as soon as she was old enough. (They don't like to do young puppies because they grow so fast that the chips can shift in their bodies and then the scanner could miss it.)

Nell said...

Good for you for getting your pups chipped! I have a friend who lost her pug and got her back from the chip. Poor girl!