Saturday, May 31, 2008

Question for Experienced Bloggers

As you all knew, I have only been blogging for about a year, and I cannot figure something out. How am I supposed to respond to those kind people who leave comments? I have had several comments left that I would love to respond to, but I am not sure about the protocol. I feel that if someone takes the time to leave me a comment I should respond, especially if it is a question or something kind. If I respond via email, will the person think I am a freak? Do I leave a comment under theirs on my blog? Or do I go to their blog? Could some of you experienced bloggers please let me know how you respond to those who leave you comments?

The packers come on Monday and I am so not ready, I have decided I do not care if they pack things that do not make sense (like a full trashcan, pillows from the living room in the kitchen stuff.) I am sick of this move!

I got to knit two rows on the BBS today, aren't I lucky? :-)


Anne said...

Not a freak thing at all! I don't always reply to EVERY comment via email, but if there's something I'd like to say back, I do! Folks can set up responses with a made up email if they don't like it, but for the most part, they tend to appreciate it, and I've made some great new friends that way!

Warrior Knitter said...

Hi! And thanks for the meme tag.

As far as comments . . . Every bloggers different. You just have to go with what works for YOU!! (Yeah, I know. That' doesn't help!).

Personally, I don't reply back in the comments. If someone asks a specific question I weigh whether it's bloggable -- Would anyone else be interested in the answer? If so, I answer the question in the next post or so. If it's not something I think anyone else would care about I e-mail the person back with an answer. If they don't have an e-mail associated with their blog (and some don't) then I attach answer to thier latest post.

Hope this helps and thanks for reading MY blog!

smariek said...

I've always struggled with that. I sometimes respond via email if I have it, sometimes leave a comment on their blog. I don't often leave a comment on my blog because I never know if they'll come back and see my response.

What I never know what to do is when people ask questions that I want to respond to, but they leave the comment as "anonymous" so I have no way of trying to figure out how to contact them.

Of course, if they really needed to reach me, they are welcome to send me email at the address listed in my sidebar.

Teena in Toronto said...

I tend to respond on my blog under their comments ... but then I put my comment on their blog too.

Becky said...

No, it is not a freak thing! Many people respond to comments through e-mail. Others simply comment under the original comment. Whatever floats your boat.

Shirley said...

I prefer when someone sends me an email or goes to my blog to answer my question because I don't always remember where I've left the question.

Marianne said...

I have just popped over from smariek, she posted you were having a contest. I'm glad I did, I've had an enjoyable bit of time reading through some of your posts... I don't envy all your moving but it sounds like you have it 'down'.

If I get an email addy with the comment I write back, thanking them for stopping by and some response to what they wrote. If I don't get an email addy I go to their blog (which I do anyway, if they have one) and leave a comment and add a 'thank you'... as to anonymous comments.. I'll thank them in the next post, just a line..
Of course I've been a horrible blogger this past year, hopefully soon that will change.

Renna said...

I think this must be a common area of confusion among bloggers. There doesn't seem to be a set protocol for it.

I was just discussing it with a blogger friend of mine the other day. I try and respond to most comments to my blog with an e-mail, but I've only been blogging since earlier this year, so the numbers are still doable. Even at that, it's becoming more and more time consuming for me to do it; and yet, I don't want anyone thinking I don't appreciate them stopping by.

The thing about responding in the comment section is that not everyone comes back and reads the comments after they've posted (I don't). A problem in replying in e-mails can be that not everyone has their e-mail address visible on their blog.

If I have someone who posts fairly regularly on my blog, and I post as well on their's, and if they never respond to my posts in e-mails, then I don't bother responding to their posts on my blog with e-mails; not with an attitude of "well, fine, I won't write you, either", but rather knowing it's apparently okay with them to just post to each other's blogs and leave it at that.

Now, there are always those who's comments I simply 'must' respond to in an e-mail because of something especially kind or even funny that they may have posted.

Sorry, I tend to be long winded. ;-Þ