Monday, February 4, 2008

Last weeks topic was stories about hand knit items we had used as gifts for others. I was traveling for work and sick as a dog last week, so of course, I did not post. I am healthier now and home again, so I can post this now. I worked for weeks on an Irish Hiking scarf for my father in law, who is 6’5”, which means that the scarf had to be quite long. I bought beautiful super wash wool that would blend with his favorite topcoat (and was expensive). The scarf was perfect when I finally finished it. The kicker is I don’t know whether he liked it or not, I have not heard a word. My heart was in the right place and it was a gift for him, so if he did not like it, that’s okay. Not everyone appreciates the work that goes into hand knitted gifts, or the love and care that is knitted into the gift.

I had to travel for work for the past two weeks, which of course means I got my normal travel cold, only this one is very bad and I have ended up losing my voice from so much coughing. I bet the people I was working with were glad when I quit talking so much. I hate getting sick like this when I travel, it seems that whenever I travel for work I do get sick, which makes for bad news when one travels as much as I have to. Maybe I should start wearing a mask on the airplane :-)

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