Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Whose day sounds the most intriguing?

For this week, go through those who've commented on last week's topic - find someone who had an idea on their day that sounded appealing to you, as well, and tell us why, or what appealed to you, and link to their blog! If you can't find someone who has a day you think you'd enjoy, find one that you thought was interesting, odd, or funny in some way, and talk about it!

Some of the perfect or ideal days I read about did not sound so fun to me, but everyone has their own idea of a wonderful day. The person who had the day that seemed most idyllic to me was Alaina at I’d Rather be Knitting. In fact, our ideal days where somewhat similar as they both involved the beach, the sun, water and knitting. Her day was better though because she involved her friends and children, which feels better than mine with just books and knitting. I would wish my children where there all day if I was at the beach alone, because they are my bestest friends. However, I would love the water, the "sunshine, laughter, knitting, chocolate, swimming, good food, and comfy chairs....all smushed together into one awesome day.....” (Alaina, 2008). I want that to be my day now. Thank you Alaina for improving my day!

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