Sunday, February 17, 2008

Swap Stuff and Other Knitting

Yeah! The stitch markers that I ordered for my secret pal came today, so now I can pack up the package and send it off. I made two washcloths, bought a pretty ball of yarn, some wonderful lavender soap, and, of course, no swap package would be complete without some wonderful Godiva chocolate. I hope she like it, I love the ombre pink one, even though the pattern is simple, and the color is gorgeous. The solid pink one has a heart in the center, though I could not get it to show up in this picture.

I am still working on the February EZ baby sweater for my friend who refuses to have anything pink. She does not know it but she is going to have a pink bib, simply because I like my swap partner’s ombre pink washcloth so much :-) but only one, and everything else will be off colors such as green, purple, yellow, and white.

I am also working on my BBS for Socks for Soldiers. I do not think I will ever finish those, it seems to take forever and I am having so much trouble with my wrists now that it is easier to avoid them; however then my conscience bothers me and I pull them back out. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had a ton of money that I could send them, but I am paying of cruise debt (well worth it) and trying to get my house ready to sell, so I do not have too much extra every week. I so admire Kim for the work she does with the group, she is an inspiration to all of the members and she seems to be doing a wonderful job raising her children at the same time.


Knitty Gritty Thoughts said...

What a lovely swap package - your pal is so lucky! =)

yarnlibrarian said...

Thanks again, Georgi! I love it all :-)