Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cuddle Group

No, the cuddle group is not a naughty story. It is about my cats (Jack, Jill and Onyx) and dog who are my cuddle group.

I was sitting there knitting the other night, working on a hat to go with my February sweater, not paying any attention to what was going on around me and my daughter called me. I looked up and the cats and my faithful companion, Di, surrounded me. I have three cats, and Di is a large Dalmatian so this was no mean feat to have all of them lying around me as I sat in my chair and a half, knitting away. Moreover, they were in the chair with me, not just at my feet; the arms, the seat and the back were covered with my furry friends. Normally, Di, will growl and chase the cats just for the fun of it, but they have gotten so used to her doing that, they just flip their tails at her as if to say “Pshaaw to you” and go about their business. But that night they peacefully shared my chair with me as I sat there working on my little yellow hat (with the crappy yarn). Isn’t it great how animals know when we need their comfort and unconditional love? When we are sick and need a cuddle, my Di, is always there along with all three cats to let me know that they love me and are sorry that I am sick, but they are hungry and the litter box needs cleaning. However, my cuddle group is much easier to deal with than the kids or my husband cause they almost never talk back or get snippy (unless they are hungry and the litter box needs cleaning) and they love it when I leave yarn laying around cause it is just a new toy for them to play with.

I finished the February Baby Sweater, I will have to post another picture because it is very cute, but I will post it will do that when the hat is completed. I was soo lucky I got in the Sock Madness 2, just before the deadline. The more I read about it the more nervous I get, but am going to stick with it, even if I have to call in sick to stay in. lolololol We got the supply list, so now I get to shop, not a lot though, since I have a good deal of the yarn I will be needing, grrrrr. I think I will go online right now so I can find the yarn I need, ooh boy.

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Toni said...

Looking forward to seeing the February baby sweater! I'm rather out of order on the Almanac--I cast on the Pi shawl in December & just finished it this month (and she did hers in a MONTH???) and haven't started anything else yet. So I'm living vicariously through everyone else! :)