Thursday, January 7, 2010


Wahooo, DD2 is out of town for 3 days so I can wallow in the silence and not care about anything as long as the doors are locked and the animals fed. What I will get to do is clean the house; it is such a mess that a cleaner would not be able to clean until I spend 24 hours picking up our mess. How does a house get this messy with only two (supposedly) adults living in it?? It is a small house so why can’t we keep it neat? It’s messy not especially dirty, but the clutter is killing me. lololol I want to knit (trying to work on that old mojo thing) but the clutter is too bad to sit in. Isn’t this a sad story?

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trek said...

I hear you! Clutter carries me directly to the Land of Crazy and I also find it difficult to relax or find my mojo amidst the mess.

Good luck to you.