Friday, January 15, 2010

Diets and Mojo

So DD2 has decided that we need to diet, which is so unfortunately true; I told her fine and she has picked the Atkins diet for us. So far she has picked out and prepared our food and it has been great to come home to a dinner that I haven’t had to cook. They have been tasty and satisfying (she even opened the spice cabinet), but they were missing and important ingredient. . .

BREAD. How can a person eat a meal and not have wonderful bread with lots of butter? Its killing me, and probably very good for me and my sugar levels. Yuck! I am willing to stick with it as long as she is, but this weekend will be the test. Lolol

I have been missing the old knitting mojo and Deb mentioned that I should try something new, that I had not tried before to get back in the groove. I discovered a new group on Ravelry today called Hugs for Haiti that are knitting squares for blankets; while this is not something new, it has a purpose so I am going to start that tonight, trying a new stitch on the squares. I hope this gets me back in the groove, because I truly miss knitting, but I am just, blah. . .

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned!
1. The lesson I learned yesterday was always get a chair with a cushier seat when sitting in a meeting for 7 long hours.
2. Walmart, where friends and family meet.
3. All these years I thought I had oily skin, until I moved to Denver.
4. Silence descended on the room when I arrived.
5. The truth is sometimes hard, but always a good thing.
6. Sadness and despair is what I remember most from that day.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Mafia Wars, tomorrow my plans include cleaning and a massage, hopefully some knitting and Sunday, I want to I don’t know, I will be glad to get through tomorrow!


Grace said...

sounds like lots of plans for the weekend, I almost wish it would snow and we could hide all weekend.

I am working stockinette stitch at the moment so not much mojo here!!

trek said...

We only have starch at breakfast most days. You'll get used to it.

Good luck.