Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Did you think I had decided to quit blogging? Woohooo, what a couple of weeks. We closed on our house on the 21st, but the old owner did not have everything out of it, so after we signed, we sat on the grass and waited for her to finish. It wasn’t bad and we were in the shade relaxing, if only we had known that it would be our last chance to sit for several days. That night we slept in the hotel, just because I hate sleeping on the floor. I was back at the house bright and early for the AC guy to start installing the necessary air conditioner, and an hour later this huge moving truck pulls up outside. He then proceeds to tell me that he has to empty this stuff, go back, and get the rest of it :-0.

They walked into the house and asked where the storage unit was. Did I tell you we were downsizing with this move? The house we left in GA was 2700 sq feet with a 2-car garage; this one is 1750 sq feet with a 1-car garage. That day they dropped off 727 boxes and enough furniture for a 5-bedroom house, by the end of the day we were punch drunk. As each box was brought off the truck, it was marked off the list and the man with the box was told were it went, well we could have saved our breath, because only half of it made it to the designated space. I found a toolbox in the master bath and dishes in the guest bedroom. I have a pictures of the boxes, and as soon as I can find the camera, I will post them.

In the middle of all this chaos, we decided we needed a day off, so we drove to Fr. Collins to visit Lambsun of Colorado, the yarn store that is in the Knitting Mysteries by Maggie Sefton. The store is great, but a little over my budget, there are rooms and yarns everywhere that just made me want to touch and feel. Fortunately, I had set a budget before I left the house that morning, or I would still be crying, because the yarn was great and I wanted to buy everything I touched. I did pick out some needles and yarn and started a new hat on the trip home. We took the long way home and ended up in the mountains at an alpaca store. I bought two of the most luscious skeins of yarn that I have ever touched (picture forthcoming, as soon as I find the camera again).

This move has not been without its share of mishaps, I fell out of bed one night and got rug burn and sprained a finger; Dennis fell down the stairs and ended up in bed for several days, and all of us are covered with bruises from trying to squeeze around boxes. In addition, there was more damage than normal on the furniture, but oh well, that is expected when you move.

Just when I thought things where coming together, I got my box for Dish Rag Tag, the person before me had created a great washcloth and put the prettiest stitch markers in the box, my favorite shade of pink. I sat down the minute I got the box and started knitting and turned the box around within 24 hours (go me!)

In case this sounds like too much whining, let me say that we have been very lucky with this move. Nothing too serious has happened, damages to furniture and bodies will recover and we are thankful to have a home (even if we have nowhere to sit but the beds). My favorite saying from a movie is, “Keep that sense of humor, its critical” and this move just proves it true.


Kenyetta said...

congrats on moving in!
Thank you for the wonderful swap!

smariek said...

Congrats on finally moving in. I understand what you're going through, after having moved into our new house last Sept (and our living room is STILL filled up with unpacked boxes). OMG, 727 boxes?!

Toni said...

Oh, that brings back some moving flashbacks from 2 years ago--I moved once and my husband moved twice as we were selling/combining houses. Lots & lots of icy hot and we found the occasional margarita pretty helpful, too. :)

Grace said...

oh so glad the new house finally arrived, it will all come to pass and before you know it you will be settled

Paula said...

Oh what a move!
I am so glad you are in your house and most of the chaos is over!
You are a trooper to go through all that!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Wow you have been such a trooper and to still be knitting threw a move.Hugs Darcy