Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DOT Dog Days of Summer Swap

Wow, I got the most wonderful swap package from my secret pal at Dogs on Thursday. She made both of my dogs blankies, which they both love
(see the pictures below of Lola sleeping in her’s)
and of course Jack thinks the blankies should be his.
She also included the most luscious yarn, Araucania’s Nature Wool that is soft and wonderful (but my batteries in my camera died as I was getting reay to take a pix of it, grrrrr). There was a darling key chain,
vanilla cookies for dogs, chocolate tea and Turtle Check Mix for me. In addition, Criquette did not forget the cats; she sent Jack and Jill a pack of snacks (that they got in a fight over) and Onyx a box of white cheddar crackers that I made her share with me. :-) then there was this huge glove / groomer that works on all of the animals, which is great!
Thank you Criquette, I appreciate everything you sent and I loved your wonderful letter to me.


leah said...

What a lovely swap!

Firefly Nights said...

What a nice package. The two doggie snuggles really look great.

Criquette said...

Hi Georgi! I'm so glad that you and your darling babies liked the swap package. Hugs to them all and keep in touch.

smariek said...

Things move slowly in my neck of the woods. I finally got around to the meme you tagged me for back in May.

Love the photo of Di & Loopy on the bed. And your orchid (in the kitty photos) looks pretty healthy, hope it blooms for you soon. I used to have dozens of orchids (rescued from the office when people didn't want their orchids anymore after the flowers died). Give them enough neglect (or is it patience? lol) and they'll bloom again, at least for me. Too much fussing over them made them not want to bloom for me. Weird, huh?

Grace said...

i hope that the fact we haven't heard from you is that you are busy moving, please update us soon!

Paula said...

Yeah great loot!
Wonderful that you got your box!