Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dogs on Thursdays and a Contest, Wahoooo!

This collage of all of the animals.

Don't you love the Green eye look? This is Di and Loopy (Lola) laying on my bed while I am getting the room ready to pack, notice how they are rushing around to help me?

Again, Di and Loopy are trying their damndest to help me get the room packed up :-)

I found another contest; this one is at Chrissy's Random Life: A Knitting Blog (she is also known as Yarn Sprout, which is the name of her store) and she is giving away the most beautiful 100% naturally died yarn. The condition being that you have to blog about the yarn once you receive, but is that very hard for a knitter to do? Go here to enter and please let her know I sent you :-)

1 comment:

Paula said...

Yeah I am able to post a comment.
Don't know why but I was having trouble seeing your blog and then once I did get to read and get caught up in your world I couldn't post so here's hoping 4 times is the charm.
LOL! really though I think it is my computer that is the trouble.
I LOVE your animal collage and that totally qualifies as an entry in the Dogs On Thursday Bloggerversary Contest.
I just love the dogs expression about packing, like "oh yeah, did you want me to help you or move out of your way?" LOL!
I hope you are well and have a safe movem I am sending lots of good karma thoughts your way.
Please email when you get this.