Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Knitting Mysteries and Thank You's

I probably have not mentioned that I love to read, which sometimes interferes with knitting. Both are wonderful pastimes and sometimes I cannot decide which I want to do; unfortunately, I am not good enough at knitting to be able to read or walk and knit at the same time. The funny thing is that I can watch TV and knit or read or walk, but I guess that is because most of the programs on TV are so lowbrow that it
does not matter if I don’t stare at the screen 90% of the time. (In case you cannot tell, I thing TV is highly overrated). Anyway, the purpose of this diatribe is to let you know about a new author I found since I came to Colorado. Her name is Maggie Sefton, who is a local author, and she writes knitting mysteries that are very entertaining. Her most recent release was “Dyer Consequences” and you can find it here. I have read all five of her books and have enjoyed each one of them; I hope you get a chance to pick one up.

I want to thank Marie of SMARIE KNITS; she has been so helpful with the chart-knitting thing (that I am such a boob about). She typed out the entire thing for me for me to explain how to use the chart; this is a woman with a small child (where does she find the time?) so I truly am thankful that she did this for me. Now I am going to sit down with some scrap and see if I can do it without screwing it up too much. Thank you Marie!

Guess what, I have been very luck in the last couple of weeks, I have won two blog contests, the 400th Post Contest by Grammieknits and the weekly contest from Aunt Kathy’s Place. Thank you Jane and Aunt Kathy, it feels great to win :-)

BTW, Aunt Kathy’s contest will run until August 31, 2008, so it is not too late to enter, just let her know I sent you.

Did I mention that teams have assigned for Dish Rag Tag? I am on team 12; we named ourselves the Cotton Conquerors. I think we will be number 1, but I have read a couple of blogs from other teams who think they will be number 1. I think this will be a great deal of fun!


leah said...

Glad you are figuring out the chart!

kasiaiscarly said...

I don't have a problem knitting when the house is a mess, either. Cleaning is never at the top of my TO DO list! Good luck in my contest!