Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yeah, We Found a House!

We finally found a house! Actually it is the third one we found, but the first one (which was perfect, 1960’s charm, but brand new kitchen) we where outbid on, they had a much quicker closing date than we could meet. Therefore, the other buyers got that house, the second one had a problem with shifting or expanding soil (appears to be a problem here in CO). The house we did finally get has four bedrooms, a family room, and all the other necessities in a house, and it has a pool. The neighborhood is good and it looks like it will hold its value for resale. It is not my favorite house but I know that I only have to live here a few years and then I can find my perfect fit. Besides, who needs a perfect house? My daughter is happy with it because it is close to her work, and my husband likes it because the yard is good, so it is a done deal, unless we have an issue with the home inspector.

Now, I need to find a LYS so I do not have to buy everything on line as I used to do. Does anyone know anything about a good LYS in the area? I am looking forward to visiting the neighborhood and see what the local stores are like. I already found a store that sells the best tamales I have ever tasted, it’s a mom-and-pop shop, but it is clean and the flavor is out of this world.

We are still in the hotel, and it is convenient to everything, but we will be out before the Democratic Convention in August when the rates go up to $699.00 a night, and no that is not a typo!

I was able to sit outside in the sunshine this morning and knit, such a wonderful feeling!


smariek said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know it feels like an accomplishment to finally find a house and have your offer accepted. It's such a stressful process to go through. Yes, we went through the bidding wars. And even the whole counteroffer experience with another potential buyer whom the seller ultimately chose instead of us.

Have fun exploring your new neighborhood!

Renna said...

I know you'll be thrilled to be out of the hotel. Of course, you will have to start making your own bed and washing your own linens again. ;-Þ

Firefly Nights said...

Hope by now you're enjoying your new home. I'm just now catching up on blog reading so I'm a little behind.