Saturday, June 21, 2008

How do I Know it is Summer in My World?

I have lived in Georgia for the past 17 years, though I have now relocated to Colorado; however, when I lived in GA I hated summer because it was so humid. Most of the time I stayed inside anywhere that had air conditioning, which meant I could no longer garden (or at least it was not pleasant when I did) or go outside unless I wanted to feel like a limp rag. Therefore, for now I can say that I knew it was summer when I quit going outside and enjoying the world outside of 4 walls and air conditioning.

I hope this changes in my new world :-)


Josiane said...

I too hope this will change in your new world! It sure would be much more fun for you if you were able to enjoy summer!
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smariek said...

How cool is it this summer? Surely more comfortable to go outside.

We're in a little heat wave right now, today's forecast was 99, and I think we definitely cleared 100. The car said it was 108 outside around 12:45 PM, so I imagine we were close (above/below) to 100. Sure felt like it too.

Renna said...

That is pretty much my gauge of summer here in northeast Texas. It's the time of year when I go into hibernation. I do love the outdoors and don't enjoy sitting inside with the shades drawn and the a/c going 24/7, but I simply cannot cope with heat and humidity. My poor hubby goes stark raving mad when trapped indoors, so he goes outside, anyway, then is miserable and grouchy.

Do we need to move? YES! I wish Colorado were more in our price range. We do love to vacation there in the summers. ;-)