Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And the Winners Are-

Hi everyone, I want to thank all of you who took part in my Blogoversary contest. There were some great suggestions for improving my blog, such as pictures, more regular blogging, fixing the sidebar so that everything fits, and changing the color of some of the headings so they are easier to read. I appreciate all of your comments and hope to incorporate them into this blog.

The first winner of the contest is Grace at Lovin Comfort Knits. She will get the choice of the type of yarn, either the hank of lace weight or a skein of sock yarn. I have enjoyed her blog for a while now, she mixes great pictures in with her writing and I get pleasure from reading it.

The second winner is smariek of SMARIEK Knits, she gave great suggestions for my blog and came back several times to comment, but the greatest part is the number of people who visited thanks to her posting on her blog. She has a great blog with interesting tidbits about her life and about knitting.

Will both winners please contact me at glwellington at yahoo dot com so I can get the info to send out your yarn?

A few people suggested that my blog was all over the board with topics and not consistent enough, but I just cannot help that. I have had so much going on in my life that I just have to spout off sometimes and my life is more than knitting (blasphemy). Therefore, I do not think that will be changing; however, I hope I get to knit more now.

Thanks to everyone again, I appreciate everyone’s input!


Grace Yaskovic said...

what a suprise, I haven't won a blog contest in a while, and I am so excited, I of course choose the lace weight and will email you with the addy etc. Thanks so much and its your blog, take it any direction that gives you pleasure!!!

Turtle said...

congrats ladies!

Toni said...

Hey, it's your blog--write whatever you want to write about. Enjoy it!


And happy blogoversary!

smariek said...

Thanks Georgi! What a pleasant surprise. And this worked out perfectly. If I had been the first winner I still would have chosen the sock yarn because I know Grace would love the lace weight.

I know there are some people who only want knitting content, however there is so much more to you than just knitting. We like to get to know the rest of you too. It's your blog. You write whatever is important to you or whatever is on your mind.