Monday, August 16, 2010


I know some people do the Bullet Point Wednesdays, and others do the Random Mondays, but I can’t decide what to do. I am having a hard time getting back into the writing thing (maybe if I closed down Farmville it wouldn’t be so bad??). I guess today we are going with Random Monday, just to get in the habit of writing again.

I inherited a white poodle (among other animals) from my older daughter. White poodles have disgusting eyes that run, especially when they have allergies. Tiny thinks his eyes are fine the way they are, but he scared a little kid the other day with his dirty eye. I have a special package of diaper wipes that I use for his eyes and he hates it when he sees me with the package. But last night (being smarter than he is), I closed all the bedroom doors (with us in it) before I picked up the packages of wipes. It was funny but sad to watch him run, fortunately, my legs are longer and I grabbed him up when I got a wipe out to do his eyes. He growled, nipped, and tried to twist out of my arms and once he realized he could not get down, he grabbed the end of the wipe and tried to kill it. I am faster than he is tho, so his eyes were as clean as they were going to get before he killed the wipe.

I got to go to the yarn store Friday, found the most wonderful yarn, that is soft and squwooshy, and perfect for another chemo cap. Of course, I bought it, and if my friend does not like it, I can give it to someone else.

I was reading Sheepy’s column the other night about her current research project about flumpability and cats. I love cats and flumpability is a good thing in cats, but I realized that I feed and house (and clean litter boxes) for five freaking cats and do not have a single one with flumpability. Something is wrong with this picture; someone forgot to teach these cats to show the correct amount of humility to their person! Onyx, the mean biotch growls at me when I try to flump her (she has negative flumpability); Kitty Star, another inherited anima, would probably let me flump her if there weren’t two dogs around all the time. Jack and Fatso don’t want to be touched unless it is a requirement to gain food; and Jill just doesn’t want me to look at her, let alone flump her.

I sat down to knit yesterday, no big deal, but then the dogs both decided they should be sitting on my lap; however I decided they should not, so I pulled the footstool close and forced them to stay on it so they could warm my feet. It worked for about 20 minutes, but that is such an improvement over most days.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!! I missed you! I understand though that we need breaks from time to time. I've had a terrible time actually blogging. I've done more reading of blogs that writing. I also found that "Bubble Island" consumed too much of my time this summer and I have limited myself now!! At least with fall and the start of school again, perhaps a routine will help me to knit more. It's been a whirlwind here. If you are interested in a soap opera live of a fellow knitting blogger, read some of my older posts from May and on and see what happened to me this summer!! Glad you're back, Cindy

trek said...

Flumpability is an interesting quality in a housecat.

I tried to knit while Neatnik watched Bambi for the millionth time yesterday. She wanted to put her head down on my lap. Knitting was awkward.

On the plus side, the DVD died and we had to chuck it!

rita said...

I'm happy to see you! If you've checked my blog, you can see that I haven't done much writing this summer. Or before. This retirement thing is a total timesuck; reading, playing in the pool, facebook, spending time with the grandkids, reading, knitting in the car because I found this cool game, Fish Tycoon, and I spend far too much time playing it. Damn it, grandkids pull me into the best stuff!

Welcome back, and I hope the sadness stays gone. I know how draining that stuff is.