Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dogs on Thursday!

It has gotten too cold to be believed! 8F at 7am, the high is supposed to be something like 18, which means that I should be home in bed, not at work! I took the dogs outside this morning while the car was warming up (because of course there is too much stuff in the garage for me to park in there) and Lola did her thing cause she is used to the snow, not because she likes it. Tiny, on the other hand, stepped in the snow and cried; he then discovered that if he went under the car there wasn’t any snow. Therefore, at 7:30 I am down on my hands and knees trying to get the little wimp out from under there so I could carry him back into the house. I was finally able to get my finger into a loop on his collar and pull him to me, (remember short arms), cuddle him up, and carry him to the house. This dog has never been out of Georgia so I think he is in for a rough winter (or I am).

Ohh, and I got to knit last night! Wahoo.

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rita said...

It's far too early to be that cold. Actually, in my fantasy world, it never gets below 65 degrees in the dead of winter. At night.

I can't fit my car into our 2-car garage either. Sad, isn't it?