Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blogs and Missing Mojo

Do you ever wonder what people are thinking when you read comments on blogs? I have been reading a blog that is interesting, if a little outlandish about being frugal and living within your means. Nothing terribly outrageous, but it has the blog’s writer being attacked from a great number of people, and these people are making very mean and nasty comments that bother me. Maybe I am just a wimp about mean comments, but I just do not see the need, I wonder if any of those people heard the rule, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Many of those people should follow that rule.

My knitting mojo seems to have left me lately; all I want to do is play Mafia Wars on Facebook, which is a serious time drain. Does anyone have a suggestion for getting back into the groove??? I sure could use one.

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Deb said...

I used to play MafiaWars and FarmTown on Facebook (I even signed up my boyfriend on Facebook just so I could have more access to both). I had to just delete the games completely because they were sucking up all of my knitting time. I got back into the knitting groove by trying something I had never knitting socks or, believe it or not, adding another color. Right now, I'm into making hats, things I can get done in one or two days. Good luck!