Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

Yeah, my Di is speaking to me again (we brought home bones from the local steak house last night)! I knew she would but she does love to punish me.

We also have a Chihuahua whose name is Lola (her nickname is Loopy), and she is very precious. All she wants from anyone is a cuddle, however she is very afraid when someone she does not know comes to the house, so she will roll on her back and leak. It turns out she has an incontinence issue so she is taking hormones, however with the hormones, we have to watch her blood levels. Loopy has become a very expensive dog as she has several issues with her urinary tract, even Di with her mitro valve prolapse is not as expensive as Loopy is with her UTI’s and incontinence issues; however, we love her anyway, even when she leaks without realizing it. My husband brought her home to me from a puppy mill, he did not realize he was buying her form a puppy mill, as he had never heard of one, but there you go. . . He now knows not to buy any animal from a breeder without checking references, etc. as he has gotten to fork over some of the money for the vet bills. Nevertheless, we love Loopy Lola as much as any other member of the family and would not give her up for anything.

Loopy loves to get dressed up, and always prances when we give her a new outfit to wear. We like to put her in girly clothes because she is so precious and she seems to know how cute she is and wags her little curly tail.

Di and Loopy are great playmates, though Di is often tired from the meds she takes, they play tug of war, and chase the cats together. Loopy does not realize that cats and dogs are not the same, though our cats are all bigger than she is, they still play and have great fun running through the house. First, the cats will chase her and then she will chase the cats, Jill, one of the female cats, will bat at Loopy when she is under the covers and thwap her with her paws until Loopy will get up and play with her.

As you can tell, I love all of our pets. In fact, when I move to Denver I am taking all 5 of them with me, yes, all 5 of them are driving to Denver from Atlanta with me. Do you think I need my head examined?

I get to knit tonight, I have made an appointment with myself and I am knitting no matter what happens, another leak in the plumbing, a broken AC, or grass that needs to be watered. I am delegating all responsibility so I can knit!


dogquilter said...

You should have a very interesting ride to say the least! Sounds like you have a happy household though.

Firefly Nights said...

You seem to care very much about your pets. I always think that when one adopts a pet, they become part of the family for life. Glad you're taking everyone with you.

Georgi said...

I feel that when I get a new pet it is for life, despite the cost or trouble. People have asked me why I am taking everyone, and I always say, they are my family, just like my daughters.