Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Box Topapalooza and Some Knitting

Yes, there is another contest at This one is to collect box tops for her daughter’s school (Box Tops for Education). All you have to do is go to her blog and tell her you will collect the box tops for her, and then save them as you find them. It is all for a good cause and will only take a few minutes. In addition, I decided that every little bit that I don’t through away will mean that there is a little bit less in the dump.

I have finally finished the baby blanket, yeah!!! It is very cute, a soft yellow, and I used the pattern for Grandma’s favorite dishcloth, just much bigger :-) Now it is on to socks, a pair of BBS and a pair for my daughter that I started last September. The socks for my daughter are the Dublin Rose pattern and are so pretty; hopefully I will find my camera when the packing is started so I can put a picture of them here when they are completed.

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trek said...

Thanks, Georgi!!

I'll do regular Box Top count updates on Mondays, I figure.