Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Who am I

So here I go, off to blogging land. I work, I knit, I read and write. this is my first attempt at a blog and probably would not have tried it if it were not for a sock kit swap I want to join which requires a blog. I know I will not be as prolific as other blogs I have read, but i am going to attempt to keep this active and going.
I love to knit, though it makes me sit too long, and I am not coordinated enough to walk and knit as so many others are. I am currently working on my Big Black Socks (BBS) for Socks for Soldiers, a new hat, a purse that will be my first attempt at felting, a face cloth, and a prayer shawl for my sister who is very sick.
I work from home, which is sometimes great and sometimes not so great, but I do not have to battle the traffic to get here ever day, which is a great timesaver and eliminates headaches.

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