Thursday, June 14, 2007

Today was supposed to be a day off and I planned to knit all day long to I could work on my BBS, but I had to work which really ticked me off. I am having a hard time with the black yarn, though I bought an Ott Light, it does not seem to help me see the tiny stitches and black yarn at night. I just received some really pretty baby alpaca yarn from ebay at a great price, now I need to decide what I want to do with it. It is so soft and in pastel colors, I fell in love with it, though I did not need it. The stash is growing horribly, it will soon take over my walk in closet. I need to figure out how to organize my knitting supplies and stash.

I am still working on the discloth KAL, but I am doing 2 at a time, it is on size 5 needles so it is not working up as quickly as the others I have done. I find it really irritating when I cannot figure out what it is because the list mom just gives us four lines a day. I don't think I will be figuring this one out. :-)

To the gym I go before my butt spreads any farther. . .

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