Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I am going!

I am very lucky, I get to go to Sock Summit and I am really excited. The problem- I am going alone and am terrible at meeting people. In addition, I know there will be a bunch of great knitters there, and my knitting comes out all right, but looks funny while I am doing it. I can’t wait to learn what I can and see all the great vendors, I just wish I knew someone else who was going. It is very weird to have a passion for an activity that none of my friends or acquaintances has.

So anyway, one of the things to do at Sock Summit is the stitch marker swap. I am so uncreative, unimaginative, whatever I cannot figure out whether to make the boring ones or to buy wonderful ones and swap those. Do you think it would be cheating to buy, as long as I tell everyone they were purchased?

I have two chemo hats in my hat stash now; it is amazing how sadness can motivate me.

Knit happy today!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back, but very sorry for the sadness right now in your life. The sock summit will be great. I bet there are more people there that are feeling the same as you. Knitters are great people and we are friendly so you should make new friends easily! Enjoy!!

trek said...

Have a wonderful time!