Monday, June 13, 2011


Wow, Sunday was my blogoversary and I did not know it, what a flake. I found out when Tina commented on my last post. . . Too sad

Yeah, I got into one of my waitlisted classes at Sock Summit! They do make it easy to spend money :-) I can’t wait. Still plugging away at the socks, I am so slow, but wrists are acting up, so it is okay to be slow.

I just downloaded a sweater pattern from Ravelry I want to try; the yarn should be here next week so as soon as it gets here I am going to try it, Crazy Aunt Purl’s Summer Sweater. It looks great and something I can wear at work and be comfortable.

I downloaded a book called The Uncoupling by Meg Woltzer on my Nook and it is very weird. I am trying to read on and complete it because I hate buying books and not reading them, but like I said it is very weird. Maybe if I just sat and read it until I completed it, I would like it better. It is supposed to be funny, but I am not there yet!

Happy knitting!

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kathy b said...

happy anniversary....late counts